Pee before you Dee (a BIM perspective)

Stating that BIM is 20% modeling and 80% methodology seems unfair for many of you (especially for REVIT savvy professionals), but it depends on how you look at BIM in the first place. For example, if you are looking at BIM cost wise, then definitely these numbers don’t make sense, since the heavy workload will be on the modeling side, but if you look at it as the “level of importance” then you might agree with me that methods will prevail.

PEE before you DEE

Everything starts with a plan (or should), everything is controlled by a process (or should) and although you could say that without a methodology one could easily model a project, well, that is very true, however, the expectation will be much lower. Similar to construction projects, many owners underestimate the value of giving time to Plan their project and that is why many of these projects fail. Some projects do get done but at a much higher cost.

As many of you know, BIM is not just about modeling, and its not just about 4D or 5D or how many other D´s you would like to promote. BIM is lot about innovation, on how we can be creative to minimize risk vs how we did things in the past, so in my “BIM BOOK” I have infinite D´s.

Innovation should be followed by a process and only then followed by the execution.

How you plan is how you execute. Seems reasonable yes? After all, you can not go ahead and model a project, or provide BIM coordination; BIM collaboration; BIM take offs; BIM clashes; BIM timelines; BIM Drawings; BIM Change Orders-Submittals-RFI; BIM Budgets; BIM Quality; BIM Safety; the list goes on and on (infinite D´s) without its due Plan, Process, Procedures, Protocols, Policies,  in other words you can not go Dee unless you Pee.

Saludos amigos !!! ;

Damián Pizá, is the owner of PIZA Consulting a CM firm operating in Mexico and Latin America, he is a Certified Construction Manager; he studied his Masters in Construction Management at the University of Texas at Arlington; LEED AP; OSHA +30; Member of the CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) Member of the Emergent Technology Committee

Founder of PIZA Consulting, company that specializes in developing and providing Project Management Office (PMO); Construction Management (CM Agency); Technology Services (BIM, VDC, VR, others)


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