The Bible of the Construction Manager

“Construction is about people, and we are all different, without processes you will get different outcomes, and that is a big risk. “ DP


Writing processes and procedures might seem very simple to do, some executives think you only need an intern or a junior professional to write off everything that the company does in a comprehensive form, inserting a flowchart here and there and voilá !!!. These are the same executives that think it’s a good idea for the minutes of a construction meeting to be written by administrators or someone who is not a manager and deeply involved in the project, thus paving the way for risk !!!

Processes and Procedures (P&P) reflect the companies religion (culture), its the “Way” of doing things and a basis for continuous improvement, it provides consistency and ultimately provides efficiency and effectiveness, so how come the “Bible” of the Company is sometimes left to junior professionals?

Anyone who is writing the P&P manual should be very experienced in what the company does and is trying to accomplish. There is no value in just writing things without analyzing and improving each process, plan and playbook. Our experience has included suggesting our clients what they need to do, what direction/strategy/improvement they should make in each process, we have re-organized their Org Chart, reorganized their document coding and structure, changed up and down their “practices” so they could be “best practices”, we´ve analyzed their professionals and expressed our opinion in which professionals are capable and which professionals need additional training to follow the Process and Procedures Manual.

Implementing processes and procedures takes a cultural understanding of the people who will be executing it; of the company; of each and every process; of the strategy to execute each procedure. It is the body and mind of what the company does, surely some projects might survive without them, conversely, some of them will fail. Developing and executing your P&P manual will provide you with consistency and with the basis of continuous improvement enhancing the culture of “the company way” . ;

Damián Pizá, is the owner of PIZA Consulting a CM firm operating in Mexico and Latin America, he is a Certified Construction Manager; he studied his Masters in Construction Management at the University of Texas at Arlington; LEED AP; OSHA +30; Member of the CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) Member of the Emergent Technology Committee

Founder of PIZA Consulting, company that specializes in developing and providing Project Management Office (PMO); Construction Management (CM Agency); Technology Services (BIM, VDC, VR, others)



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