Closing the Collaboration GAP with Technology

Collaboration equals Project Success, while Non Collaboration equals over cost.

Since 2005 I’ve been hearing the word “collaboration” as a punch line from many professionals including business owners and company directors in the Construction Industry. In reality “Collaboration” had no real method, or software or even a process or tool that could support it effectively, making it merely impossible to apply it. Not until 2010 when BIM started to pick up in the industry and those of us who understood BIM found the appropriate tool that could make Collaboration possible.VR Picture rev 3

You see anyone who is not following a BIM process is not really collaborating because nobody actually reviews the project drawings, actually the majority of the project participants study no more than a couple of drawings out of the hundreds. Even the Engineers and Architects are not collaborating in an effective way, and that is why we see so many RFI´s and Change Orders. You can just imagine the dreadful scenario if Stakeholders, Sponsors, Owners, Consultants, Facility Managers, End Users are not reviewing drawings or probably you already know the outcome.

Diligent BIM process can close that Collaboration gap, using Virtual Reality can close it even more, and surely Augmented Reality / Mix Reality will close it indefinitely.

We included VR (Virtual Reality) as part of our BIM Execution Plan last year, and it has proven to be very helpful for project participants, since the core mishap of collaboration is having time to review the drawings and understanding them, with VR you will not see any drawings at all. VR provides all the drawings in one single 360 environment. It’s not only entertaining, its time efficient and effective reducing in a substantial way Change Orders and RFI´s as well as increasing project participant know how.

I believe true collaboration is finding its way. ;

Damián Pizá, is the owner of PIZA Consulting a CM firm operating in Mexico and Latin America, he is a Certified Construction Manager; he studied his Masters in Construction Management at the University of Texas at Arlington; LEED AP; OSHA +30; Member of the CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) Member of the Emergent Technology Committee

Founder of PIZA Consulting, company that specializes in developing and providing Project Management Office (PMO) as its PM/CM Services for Latin America.


One thought on “Closing the Collaboration GAP with Technology

  1. Damian,

    This is a good piece, very fresh and relevant as everything we do, we can excel at , with the b st possible communication.

    FYI, in the U.K. By July next year all Government tenders must have BIM capabilities , if not …. forget applying, as any submission with out it, will not be considered.

    Let catch up soon

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