Intangible Management

Most Construction Managers grew up thinking that the administration for construction projects is mostly focused on Cost, Time and Quality, or in other words, what I like to call “the 3 tangibles”. At least that was my focus for many years, because that was what I was taught.

Over the years I began to realize that the more I focused on these “Tangibles” the less successful my projects became. The reality is that these 3 factors are not the causes of good results, they are the consequences of what I like to call “Intangible Management

Administracion Intangible en Ingles

Management Intangibles (MI) are composed by Communication, Coordinatión and most importantly Collaboration. The focus on these 3-C´s brings positive results to the bottom line of Cost, Time, Quality and Safety.

Every project should have these 3 C´s as priority since day 1, defining and establishing processes and procedures are a good start, however following them is another story that must be done with diligent training and continuous improvement programs AKA Methodology.

Since 2010 we have followed our own methodology composed out of the Construction Management Association of America Standards (CMAA-SOP); our knowledge of applying technology in Managing Construction Projects (BIM, Mobility, Apps); our judgement in Construction Best Practices and of course Experience and lessons learned.

Changing a companies culture from a Tangible focus to the Intangible is very challenging, we have done it for several global companies and each company  is a different experience since we are dealing mostly with people and there behaviour. However once the focus starts changing the results are exponential. ;

Damián Pizá, is a Certified Construction Manager; he studied his Masters in Construction Management at the University of Texas at Arlington; LEED AP; OSHA +30; Member of the CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) Member of the Emergent Technology Committee

Founder of PIZA Consulting, company that specializes in developing and providing Project Management Office (PMO) as its PM/CM Services for Latin America.


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