Processes and Procedures: What companies are doing wrong

Processes and Procedures might sound easy, boring and even time consuming; companies assign unskilled, inexperienced and incapable professionals for this task. These are the companies mistakes that limit their improvement.

Processes and Procedures equal standards, standards are required for continuous improvement, and continuous improvement equals efficiency and effectiveness which equals cost and time savings.

So why are companies not prioritizing Processes and Procedures?, these are the most common mistakes of a company not improving its “standards”


1.- Priority: Many companies do not prioritize Processes and Procedures  because it does not have an immediate impact, they are graded on their yearly performance and yes, it takes more than a year for processes to develop and implement and probably more than 2 years to get results.

2.- Embracing: In my experience, many managers do not embrace Processes, they see only the time consumed or “wasted” at the moment because it takes more time to follow the process, however, this time does not compare to the time and money wasted afterwards.

3.- Processes written by the wrong people: NO, not anyone can do them, and most companies put or hire the least experienced professionals. This is the most common mistake. Writing effective processes requires a great amount of leadership, experience, and communication skills. When your process manager is agreeing to everything that is not a good sign, he should be putting in its place the executives and managers in the board room and demand to follow.

4.- Follow through: its not just writing and distributing. Once a process is in effect, the Process Manager must be in the middle of the implementation following up and following through Auditing, Changing, Updating, Training and Improving.

We have been doing processes and procedures; trainings; PMO implementation for many companies for more than 10 years and the above challenges are the most common and reason why companies do not improve their “standards”

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Damián Pizá, basado en MEXICO, Certificado por el Instituto Americano de Gerentes de Construcción (CMAA), estudió su maestría en la Universidad de Texas en Arlington (UTA); LEED AP; OSHA+30; 13 años como miembro de la asociación americana de gerentes de construcción.

Fundador de PIZA Consulting, empresa especializada en consultoría en Administración de Proyectos de Construcción y aplicación de Tecnología Emergente

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