Eliminate endless Project Discussions

As a Construction Manager, 80% of my time was dedicated to endless discussions with the project participants (contractor, suppliers, architects and of course owner). At first I thought this was how construction management works, but after 10 years of managing construction projects I started having my own standards and that is how my company started, besides acquiring key certifications such as: CCM (Certified Construction Manager); LEED AP (Sustainability); OSHA (Safety) I started mitigating the challenges of the past.

discusionesOne of the most challenging aspects of a Construction Manager are endless and pointless discussions such as the Architect submitting drawings whenever and however he wants; a Supplier that says his material is stuck in customs and is out of his hands; a Contractor submitting endless change orders or the Owner that says he didn’t approved this, when he did.

These types of discussions along with many others have become a standard, a time spent by the CM on a day-to-day basis instead of looking forward. However, many professionals do not know that this overtime can be eliminated or lowered.

Once a contractor confronted me saying that it was not in his contract to put on a hard hat, another one told me that developing the time line in “Microsoft Project” would cost more. Although we won the argument, it was hours of discussions and time for a many project participants. These over costs and Delays are difficult to identify but they do impact the budget.

Its no secret on how to mitigate these risks, a well written contract that includes the lessons learned from past projects will rapidly eliminate the discussions, technology also is supporting this movement, while many hours are spent discussing with the architect that his drawings are incorrect or have omissions, a quick snapshot of the BIM model will actually even give you an apology. Technology is making the architects do a better job as well as other project participants.

So you have the tools, but if you don’t use them, you are already putting your project at risk before it begins.

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Damián Pizá, basado en MEXICO, Certificado por el Instituto Americano de Gerentes de Proyectos (CMIC), estudió su maestria en la Universidad de Texas en Arlington (UTA); LEED AP; OSHA+30; mas de 13 años como miembro de la asociación americana de gerentes de construcción.

Fundador de PIZA Consulting, empresa especializada en consultoría en Administración de Proyectos de Construcción y aplicación de Tecnología

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